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Go Me!

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Basic but clear and had lots of character. Couldn't work out what to do with the box tho, solid snake?

Nice use of nintendo mascots, other characters were cool too!

Zelda meets The Sims... nice choice, not heard it before. I hate it when folks use really heavy music for dress ups, it just winds me up, save it for the actioners.

Well, there was a sword... so iguess it's implied violence.

full points... nothing happened if I didn't make it do it.

Well, it made me laugh!



What a great game!
It's the direction detection that makes this stand out. I found that I was rubbish when i was trying to punch the puppy, but when i started heading it... now that was fun!

Addictive and fun

First off... for the guy stuck on mission 6 [spoiler] wait til the target enters the building then shoot him through the window as he's going up the stairs [end spoiler].

As for the game, I loved this. I'd be happy playing this for a whole afternoon!
If you're still working on TA2, could i make a suggestion? It would be cool if I had to set-up the environment in order to get a better hit, like shoot out alarms, cameras, lights, tyres on get-away cars etc. Maybe a tranq option for guards or civilian witnesses.

die Kronik... DIE!!!

eurgh... Kronik is such a lame character. He dresses all in black, he swears pointlessly, he has a cookie-cutter 2D "badass" personality. It's like you went back to the early nineties and brought back the most generic fictional character you could find.

I'm supprised you didn't include a "he's a loner who suffers with with depression and has a dark secret in his past that he takes medication and drinks to forget" style character biog screen.

It was blessed relief when a red ninja killed him... i wanted to shake that ninja by the hand and get him a beer.

KronikNkoke responds:

Ok thanks, I dont understand the he wears all black thing though.

hmm. Well thanks for your review man.

Good Fun

Definitely a novel idea for a flash game... sometimes it's nice to play a game that doesn't involve shooting folks.
Gameplay was smooth and, tho i didn't play it for ages, no bugs or glithces that i noticed.

The graphics are nice and colourful, everything stands out on its on + you have good collision detection to go with it.

Something very satisfying about dropping crap all over unsuspecting motorists... even more satisfying when it's on other birds!!! ;)

My suggestions (as a gameplayer, not a flash artist, as I can't produce flash worth spit):

1) it felt like the game was crying out for some kind of bonus multiplier for hitting multiple cars without missing.

2) The score is clearly visible along the top, but it would have been cool to have big flashy numbers pop up from the target whenever you make a sucsessgul hit (not a great description, but i hope you know what i mean).

3) please please please please, if you do another version, make it so I can poo on the people after they get out of their car following a successful hit. That would be soooo gratifying!

All in all, like the title said, good fun. Thanks for posting it.

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