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Great Flash

Foany is great, he should have his own series! I wouldn't watch it though 'cos he scares the piss out of me.

I... am... THE SAVIOUR!!!

I feel really proud to have helped protect this:) Anyway...

Graphics= excellent. clear, well drawn, lots of character. I especially like your backgrounds... they add a lot to th atmosphere.

Style= felt a little slow paced at times, but the references were excellent- especially HAL!

Sound= great voice acting, well recorded.

Violence= was there any? i cant remember any. I'll give you a 1 just in case :)

Interactivity= there was a play button- no more interactivity needed. Are there any easter eggs?

Humour= like i said, HAL was priceless, so were the space cowboys. These are the kind of characters i can imagine getting funnier and funnier as episodes go by.

Overall= Excellent, I wouldn't be suprised if i was channel surfing at night and found this on tv. I hope this gets front page!

This would be...

an excellent intro to a longer flash.

You're character design is great and it would have been nice to see her moving about a bit more. Blibking is a nice touch, but other than that she was totally static.

A possible suggestion would be to maybe animate some representations to the situations you discuss in the text and put them in the sky with a bit of transparency added to them to indicate they were her thoughts.

Also, nice pic for the music, would have been nice to have the text as a spoken monologue i think.



That was a laugh! Zekey's contribution was the bestest imho, but I liked 'em all.

What game was Fat Badger playing?


top work my peruvian buddy! If you ever want some help with getting your English subtitles just right, then look me up.

hmmm... what's that smell?

:sniff: :sniff: ... smells like front-page material to me, and this submission reeks of it!

Looking forward to seeing where this series goes. Destined for greatness I think.

check the earlier reviews...

they make for some interesting reading with hindsight... especially ones like:

very nice dude
first time you say....WOW... keep it up and you mite and up on the front page one day

keep up the good work


That was really well animated, you really have hope for the future! Keep it up :D

I mean obviously the reviewers had no idea how things would turn out, but in retrospect it's possible to interpret some of the reviews and replies in some pretty chilling ways.

...i can't remember the scores i gave last time

well... i already reviewed the other one, but my two cents on this one... have a replay button, don't loop it.

Oh and when i said you should include sound fx i didn't mean soundtracking the whole animation, only key parts... like the fly past at the beginning, maybe a beep when the needle goes into the red, perhaps a dumb yokel laugh from the fast food guy when it says breakfast is only til 11. meh.

FreakySkull responds:

Thanks for the tips. I'll see what I can do.

I am... THE SAVIOUR!!!

You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!

How much do I rock? Huh? Huh?

TangMcGee responds:

Indeed, it must be said, you are a god amongst us mortal men... with the strength of TWELVE boners.


that was goofy, but in a good way, it made me chuckle cos it's so random.

Your new style tho... hmmmm.... I think maybe matt groening is gonna sue somebody ;P

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